About us

Do you have any vacancies? Are you struggling with „arranging„ the upcoming reservations in your guesthouse? Or maybe you can’t remember for how long the next summer house in your holiday camp will be available? And the point is…that you have just left your notes on the desk which means you will call your clients back not until returning home.

ZAPIZAP is a simple tool facilitating management of your reservations in a small accommodation objects. We provide you with a booking calendar available on your smartphone and tablet. This remote office enables you an effective time management, and hence - professional customer service. You will react quicker for the customers' questions, both while travelling, during shopping or house works. You need only one click in order to check availability of free rooms or simply make a new reservation.

ZAPIZAP is due to the people working with passion. We decided to transform our daily difficulties with tourism management into a solution that we needed ourselves. Our manager - Agata - works competently on the solution.


Agata Wełna - is a versatile person, a lover of life, freedom, travel, constant inspiration of new cultures and new environment. Alternately: tourist facility manager, hotel resident, tour guide. Thanks to working in tourism, collects stimuli for next actions, meets inspiring people, thanks to whom she mostly develops. Coming from Mazurian Lake District in Poland, in love with water and space. She admires frank people and content-related conversations. She does not tolerate human stupidity and lack of ambition. Interested in developing topics of good taste and ... professional customer service at the restaurant. She casually remembers song lyrics and likes foreign languages a lot. In ZAPIZAP she writes, cares for contact with the clients, and supervises the project as a manager.

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